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Posted by Stephanie on November 25, 2016

Span-Track is known for being the leading solution to order picking problems in today’s warehouses. Do you currently have an order picking system? Learn more about this order picking solution to see if Span-track could be a beneficial addition to your warehouse racking.


Span-track, also referred to as cart-track, is an inventive form of carton flow racking that fits right into your existing racks to create a functional flow system in your facility. Similar to carton flow racking, span-track uses gravity to move product from the back of the rack to the front side. Span-track is often used for products that come in smaller packages or boxes. It has a durable steel construction designed to withstand the rigors of order picking. Span-Track is designed to increase the overall efficiency of your storage system by providing a more versatile way of storing materials. This rack will transform your current static pallet racking into a gravity-fed system that flows.

Span-Track increases order picking efficiency by about 30% in your warehouse, by cutting time it would take to reach for and pull heavy products forward on a rack. Additionally, Span-Track allows the product to naturally flow with gravity to the front of your rack as you are picking, taking care of some of the work for you. This reduces the strain and potential injury that can occur as a result of standard order-picking.


Span-Track is easy to use because its drop-in design can be applied to any type of pallet racking system. It can be used in single or double deep racks, as well as push back racking systems.  Span-track works best for smaller products that move at a slower pace through your warehouse. For most businesses this accounts for at least 50% of products, making span-track a great solution for nearly anyone.


  • Galvanized steel rollers
  • Slow down plates
  • Higher capacity systems can store 100lbs per foot
  • Track notching to minimize height, and maximize clearance
  • Bracket attachments that comply with existing pallet rack beams


  • Simplified access to SKUs
  • Reduces cost for space and labor
  • Increased visibility
  • Reconfiguration is easy
  • Can be installed in your existing pallet racking system (simple, drop-in design)
  • More efficient use of space
  • Ideal for the same box sizes
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Condense and organized inventory
  • Saves time for order picking
  • Flexible and dynamic storage for smaller packages
  • Great for FIFO inventory system
  • Can be stored in low temperatures for freezer use


Could this innovative product make your warehouse more efficient? Span-track was developed by UNEX and is the original type of carton flow track.  QMH offers UNEX Span-track racking and delivers and installs the system in your pallet racking. Span-track will improve your pick line productivity, increase space, and create a more efficient warehouse environment. Contact us today to speak with a pallet racking expert about installing Span-track in your warehouse.


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