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Posted by Stephanie on September 23, 2015

Cantilever racking was designed to maximize storage space for long items in large quantities. Unlike traditional pallet racks, cantilever storage racks have no front beam within the racking area. Their simple construction makes cantilever storage racks ideal for lumber, pipes, steel and almost anything that comes in very long lengths. A cantilever rack consists of a base that is securely anchored to the ground, upright columns with pre-configurable levels on both sides, and arms which create the storage area.


Two Types of Cantilever Rackingcantilever racking

Rolled Form Cantilever Storage Racks are intended for light to medium loads, and cost less in comparison to structural racks.

Structural Cantilever Storage Racks are made for high capacity loads because their arms are made from a solid piece of steel.


Advantages of using Cantilever Racking

Easy to Use – Cantilever storage racks make loading, unloading, and managing inventory much quicker and easier. Unlike most traditional pallet racks, there is no beam in the front. When using cantilevers as pipe, steel, or lumber racks, this feature helps minimize handling time while making storage more efficient.

More Space Efficient – Cantilever racking is much more compact than traditional pallet racking. Since there is no beam in front of the storage system, cantilever storage racks save space and are more user friendly, offering a large amount of horizontal clearance for easy handling.

Fully customizable – The arms on a cantilever rack are adjustable to any height and can be configured to allow double racking on both sides, making it ideal for any kind of lengthy material that needs to be stored in bulk.



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