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Pallet Rack Supports vs Wire Decking: Which is Right for Your Warehouse?

If your warehouse or facility uses pallet rack beams, two solutions that can properly support and distribute the weight of your pallets are wire decking and pallet rack supports. While some pallet racks are durable enough to support the pallet weight, there are many times when additional support is needed. If you have pallets in […]

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What Warehouse Managers Should Know About Pallet Rack Uprights

Pallet rack uprights are essential components for any warehouse pallet racking system. Maintaining the efficiency and safety of your warehouse requires a well-designed pallet racking system. If there are any issues with your racking uprights, warehouse operations could be severely disrupted. It’s possible that a total warehouse collapse could occur in the worst-case scenario. Whether […]

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QMH’s Rack Dictionary

We want our customers to be knowledgeable and informed. Pallet racking is one of our most popular items, and also one of the most complex and diverse as far as choices go. With a variety of different styles, sizes, and decking options it’s easy to become confused or overwhelmed.

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