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Must-Have Pallet Rack Accessories for Warehouse Optimization

Pallet racks are material handling and storage systems that are commonly used in warehouses and similar facilities. The purpose of a pallet rack is to store palletized products. These systems have a large and open design that makes it easy for warehouse personnel to load and unload items via a forklift. The versatility of a […]

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Pallet Rack Mezzanines: Design, Safety, and Benefits

Is your existing warehouse beginning to run out of space? If so, a pallet rack mezzanine may be the ideal solution if you want to add more storage to your warehouse. Once installed, you’ll no longer need to contemplate moving to a new facility. If you’re able to install a mezzanine that supports pallet racks […]

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Pallet Rack Wire Decking vs. Wood: Which is Better?

When you manage a warehouse, there are numerous solutions you can use to accommodate the facility’s storage requirements. The two most common types of pallet rack decks that can be outfitted in warehouses include wire decking and wood decking. While wire mesh decking offers many tangible benefits, some end-users believe that this type of decking […]

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