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The Benefits of Cantilever Shelving for Efficient Storage

In the event that you store bulky materials in your warehouse or distribution center, you may require special shelving that will accommodate these items. This shelving can be used to properly store everything from lumber and plywood to wood veneer sheets and piping. If you require special shelving units, the best option at your disposal […]

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NSF-Approved Shelving: A Guide to Certification and Use

You might notice that some of the shelves in your warehouse come with an “NSF” label. If you’re unsure of what NSF stands for, it is the abbreviation for the the National Sanitation Foundation and is used to identify shelving that meets NSF guidelines and regulations. When you’re looking for the right shelving to add […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Rivet Industrial Shelving

When you’re looking for the right storage system to add to your warehouse, it’s highly recommended that you select and install shelving that matches the size and type of inventory you wish to store as well as the material handling system you’re using. Different types of industrial shelving come with different features. For instance, some […]

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