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What is Warehouse Slotting?

Keeping your warehouse organized is essential if you want to maintain productivity and efficiency. Warehouse slotting is a common process that involves organizing all of the inventory that’s stored in your distribution center or warehouse. The purpose of this process is to make the picking and replenishment tasks more efficient, easier, and faster. To understand […]

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What Are High-density Storage Systems?

No matter the size of the warehouse you manage, floor space is always going to be a scarce resource. There needs to be enough space available for personnel to be able to reach items, which immediately reduces the amount of storage space that’s available to you. This type of space is referred to as an […]

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Pallet Rack Wire Decking vs. Wood: Which is Better?

When you manage a warehouse, there are numerous solutions you can use to accommodate the facility’s storage requirements. The two most common types of pallet rack decks that can be outfitted in warehouses include wire decking and wood decking. While wire mesh decking offers many tangible benefits, some end-users believe that this type of decking […]

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