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Smoke Control and Ventilation in Warehouses

When fires develop in warehouses, the amount of damage that occurs in the aftermath can result in thousands of dollars in repairs. A smoke clearance and control system can help you substantially reduce the amount of damage that’s done to stock and buildings. Occupants are given a simple escape path, which allows them to exit […]

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Preparing a Safe Workplace for COVID-19

It’s been a year since the lockdown began in the US due to COVID-19. Since then, we have undergone so many changes in how we carry out our daily activities such as education, health and exercise, family gatherings and how we work. It is important to prepare your workplace for COVID-19. Below are some recommendations on how you can prepare and maintain a safe facility. 

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Warehouse Safety: Hazards to be Aware of

Have you implemented safety programs or a safety checklist for your warehouse facility? It’s important to be mindful of potential warehouse hazards and know how to address them properly to maximize safety for your employees. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration

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