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Posted by Stephanie on December 11, 2020

Every year we look forward to #givingback to our surrounding communities during the holiday season. This year, for the Thanksgiving Holiday, we partnered up with American Veterans Assistance Group AVAG and a few other organizations to give back to our retired Vets and their families.

Event Prep

Our Thanks For Giving Event was a great success! We sponsored and delivered 130 hot turkey dinners for Veterans at Casitas La Verne Mobile Estates. We would like to give a special Thank you to one our own, our Warehouse Manager, Steve Gandara. Steve, a retired Veteran himself, put us in contact with Doreen Matsumoto. Doreen is the Chaplain at American Veterans Assistance Group (AVAG).  She coordinates many events like this throughout the year. She helped us connect with other great individuals from Above all Catering & Events, South Bay Divas and Grateful Hearts. Together were able to provide and deliver hot meals, canned goods and other food items as well as pillows to the retired vets and their families.

Our QMH team members donated some of the funds to help us sponsor a total of 130 individual hot turkey dinners, which were perfectly prepared by Above all Catering & Events. Here at QMH we packaged bread rolls to add to their hot dinners. The staff and athletes from the South Bay Divas organized a food drive at their two locations, gathering a total of 3,916 food items.

Volunteer Day

On Saturday November 21st, 2020 our team of volunteers met at the site where we were broken down into groups. The volunteers from South Bay Divas setup all their collected food items and prepared them for distribution. With their help, the retired Vets were able to stop by and pick up some food items to take home. Some of them joined us in delivering the food items and the hot meals to Vets at their homes.

In additional to the hot turkey dinners and food items, the retired Vets were able to take home pillows and other home goods donated by AVAG and Grateful Hearts.

We would like to give a special thanks to all our staff who donated and/or volunteered their time, Doreen from AVAG, the individuals from Grateful Hearts for supplying pillows, and the awesome athletes and staff from South Bay Divas for their efforts and for volunteering their time.

It was such a successful event and we can’t wait to see how much more we can do next year.

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.


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