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Posted by Stephanie on July 10, 2023

Moving items in and out of warehouses takes a considerable amount of time and skill. Your personnel need to have the right equipment to handle all types of materials in a manner that’s safe and efficient. There are many different pieces of equipment you can use for material handling purposes, which include everything from forklifts to pallet jacks. A pallet jack is a more basic type of forklift that allows you to haul items in a warehouse or distribution center.

Pallet jacks are most effective when used to transport items a short distance. While the forks on a pallet jack can support various types of loads, they are most often used to move skids or pallets. Regardless of where you’re moving materials, you’ll likely need to pair your pallet jack with the right ramps to avoid issues with the items tipping over or being unable to reach their destination. The best pallet jack ramps can improve your facility’s material handling efficiency. This guide takes a more in-depth look at pallet jack ramps and their advantages.

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What are Pallet Jack Ramps?

Pallet jack ramps are designed to make it easier for warehouse personnel to load and unload pallets without issue. Once a ramp is installed in the proper location, you can drive pallet jacks up to the necessary elevation that the pallet flow lane requires.

While forklifts allow you to transport items without needing to obtain additional ramps, pallet jacks are faster, more affordable, and more versatile in comparison to a forklift. Combining a pallet jack with a ramp allows you to increase efficiency and safety while also reducing your costs.

Pallet jack ramps are made from a galvanized steel material, which means that the ramp will hold up under heavy weights. The galvanized material is equipped with a grip surface that can keep pallet jacks from slipping while you load or unload items. Whether your personnel are removing a pallet from this device or placing a pallet on the jack, you need to maintain high stability to keep slipping and other issues at bay.

If you use pallet jacks in your facility, pallets that contain items should be secured through bundling or shrink wrap. Properly securing these items makes it easier to load the pallets onto a pallet jack and transport them to their intended destination. Keep in mind that pallet jacks don’t have the same amount of hauling or elevation capabilities as a forklift. They often supplement forklifts to ensure personnel have the equipment they need to handle any situation.

When you’re choosing ramps for your pallet jacks, make sure that you select ones that support the width of the jack. The majority of pallet jacks are around 27 inches wide. Some models come with an adjustable width.

Even if you choose the right ramp, your personnel might still be put at risk if they don’t understand the pallet jack’s weight capacity. These systems come with weight capacities that range from 1,000-15,000 pounds. Pallet jacks with higher weight capacities often have extra components to effectively transport heavy weights. These components include everything from reflectors and hand brakes to motorized locomotion.

As touched upon previously, pallet jacks don’t reach the same elevation as forklifts. It’s possible for these systems to come with pneumatic or hydraulic elevation. If the pallet jacks you obtain require a manual input, the operator will need to pump a handle to push fluid directly to a high-pressure piston. This fluid can eventually be purged to lower the pallet jack forks to ground level. Motorized machines use a hydraulic pump to lift the forks.

All types of pallet jacks are equipped with four separate wheels to safely transport materials. These wheels can be made from rubber, nylon, or polyurethane. Regardless of the material the wheels are made from, the galvanized steel that the pallet jack ramp is made from should prevent slipping and other issues. Two of the four wheels are small and are designed to accommodate the loading of items onto the forks. The larger tandem wheels are placed near a hinged handle to make the pallet jack easier to steer. If the pallet jack is meant to be used outdoors, look for solid rubber or foam-filled tires.

Custom Dock Platform with Yard Ramp Extension

Reduce Injuries

Among the most significant advantages of using a pallet jack ramp in your facility is that injuries should be substantially reduced. Pallet jack ramps are able to alleviate a considerable amount of the physical strain that your employees experience throughout the workday, which reduces the potential for injuries. Pallet jacks are designed to carry heavy equipment that would otherwise be difficult to carry. If your personnel attempt to move these items without any assistance, back and knee injuries would likely be prevalent. Pallet jacks allow heavy materials to be effectively moved without putting in much effort.

Because most pallet jacks are electric, it’s possible to move exceedingly heavy loads with just the push of a button. Your employees would no longer need to struggle with the first steps of the loading and unloading processes. Since pallet jacks aren’t that bulky, your personnel should have great visibility while moving items from one area of the warehouse to another. Better visibility allows for enhanced maneuverability as well, which promotes a safe working environment.

Lower Costs

Pallet jacks are also able to help you reduce your expenses around the warehouse. When you have gasoline-operated equipment and vehicles in your facility, you’ll need to use up a considerable amount of energy when your personnel operate them. Whenever the equipment runs out of energy, it needs to be refilled with fuel. Along with costing you more money, using gas-operated equipment is also bad for the environment. Electric pallet jacks use much less energy and only need to be occasionally recharged.

When your employees use pallet jacks, they’ll be able to transport heavier items and materials quickly, which should make your entire warehouse more efficient and productive. Better productivity allows you to complete projects sooner and lower your operational costs.

Increase Morale

Placing pallet jack ramps in your facility should improve morale by helping employees tackle more physically challenging tasks without experiencing physical discomfort. These employees can avoid dissatisfaction, which should immediately boost morale. No employee wants to be forced to complete work that they’re incapable of doing. Keep in mind that high employee morale should also lead to better productivity, which means that your business will make more money.

Since your employees won’t need to manually transport as many items, they shouldn’t be as fatigued at the end of the day, which will result in happier employees as well as improved workplace safety. When one of your employees is tired while at work, there’s a higher risk that a serious accident will occur, which can cause injury to the fatigued employee and the people around them.

Stationary Access Ramp with Manual Crank and Safety Chains


Pallet jack ramps are available in many different sizes and lengths, catering to various industries and warehouse setups. While pallet jack ramps aren’t right for every facility, they may be more suitable for your warehouse in comparison to forklifts. Make sure you identify your facility’s needs before selecting a pallet jack and pallet jack ramp.

You’ll find that pallet jacks can handle a wide range of items, which include everything from furniture and large statues to boxes of all sizes. As long as the item falls below the pallet jack’s maximum weight capacity, the machine will be able to transport it with ease. The versatility of pallet jacks makes them a highly valuable tool for efficient material handling.


Pallet jack ramps offer many advantages for material handling operations, making them a valuable and effective investment for businesses. These ramps allow you to reduce injuries, which promotes a safer work environment while also protecting employees from the physical strain that’s commonplace at warehouses and distribution centers.

One reason why your costs will be lower when using an electric pallet jack is because of how energy-efficient these systems are. You can also avoid refueling expenses. Using pallet jack ramps in your facility will increase employee satisfaction and morale by reducing the number of physically demanding tasks your employees need to perform during a standard workday. Employees who are less fatigued are more productive, which will help you improve your bottom line.

Since pallet jack ramps are versatile, they accommodate the efficient handling of many types of items and improve workflow across a wide range of industries. Once you’ve incorporated pallet jack ramps into your operations, you should notice that your company is more productive, efficient, and successful. An important aspect of reaching and maintaining long-term success is to consistently make improvements that will increase your warehouse capabilities.

By investing in pallet jack ramps, you’ll demonstrate a commitment to safety, operational optimization, and employee well-being. Pallet jack ramps are a cost-effective and practical solution when you want to streamline the material handling processes and maximize business outcomes.

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