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Posted by Stephanie on May 4, 2016

Bulk racks are often thought of as the happy medium between heavy-duty boltless shelving and pallet racking. Bulk racks are constructed with shelves that can handle twice the capacity of a normal rack. Their design includes “Z” structure welded frames for strength and durability, and steel beams that can create shelves with wire decking, particleboard, or in this case when storing tires, neither. The welded beams on a bulk rack come with a built-in safety clip to ensure that your rack will remain strong and stable. Bulk Racks are ideal for storing bulky and heavy items, such as tires. Bulk racks provide multi-level heavy-duty tire storage in the automotive industry. This type of shelving is specifically designed for storing products that are accessed manually rather than using a forklift with pallets.

Tires are Easily Identifiable and Accessible

Your stored tires will be easily accessible when stored on a bulk rack. You have free access from the front and back of the rack, making loading and unloading your inventory a breeze. Labels and UPC codes are easy to see and simplify the process of searching for an item to quickly grab off of the rack. The open design of a bulk rack will maximize the visibility of all of your stored tires.

A Cost-Effective Way to Stay Clean and Organized

Bulk racks serve as a great cost-effective alternative to other racking, as their welded frames cost significantly less per unit. In addition to being cost-effective, bulk racks used for tires keep your tires clean. Tires that are stacked on the floor collect dust and can get disorganized. Using bulk racks for tire storage will prevent any tires from falling or getting mixed up and won’t let dirt from the floor build up on your inventory. In addition, there’s no need to purchase a forklift or other lift equipment to access inventory on your racking.

Increasing Your Tire Storage?

Have more tires to store? Before you think about purchasing an entire new racking system, consider that bulk racks are highly configurable. If you’re looking to change the way you’re storing your tires, shelves can be adjusted with no hassle. You also have the option to purchase tire rack add-on units to increase your existing tire rack storage, with shelf capacities of 1600 lbs. to 1800 lbs. per level.

Custom Design Your Tire Rack

The uprights for our bulk rack system provide for up to 7,000 lbs. of support per upright, while the step load beams are built 3 inches thick with a 1-¾ inch step for extra support. With this design comes the option to custom design your rack to fit your tire storage needs. There are a variety of height and depth combinations available.

Need a bulk rack? Call us today to speak with an expert on bulk rack storage. Whether you’re storing tires or need a bulk rack for storing other materials, we can help you come up with the best warehouse solutions for you.

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