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Used Warehouse Equipment

Best Pricing, Guaranteed!

We offer used warehouse shelving, boltless shelving, pallet racking, wire shelving, mezzanines, and much more. See our complete inventory of used warehouse equipment, listed in alphabetical order, below:


Used Access Ramps

We stock used and new access ramps for your loading dock needs. Access ramps are a perfect solution for ground to dock and dock to ground access to increase dock effectiveness. Our standard access ramp is 30′ Long x 6′ Wide with a 20,000 lbs. capacity. Custom access ramp options are also available! Our team is ready to answer any questions you have and to help you get exactly what you need.


Used Boltless Shelving

Boltless Shelving is used in warehouses, distribution centers and garages for short term and long term storage. There are light duty and heavy duty models, both of which are easy to assemble without special tools. Shelves are adjustable by 1.5 inch increments. We carry new and used options so our customers can find what fits their price range. We offer additional particle board wood decking for shelving, but some sizes of shelving come with wire decking.


Used Bulk Racks

We stock used and new bulk racks, including the accessories. Use bulk rack storage for keeping all your materials organized whether in an industrial, retail, or commercial business setting. Accessory parts available include safety supports, wire mesh decking, particle board wood decking, and step load beams.


Used Cantilever Racks

We stock used and new cantilever racks. This rack style is great for storing large items such as lumber, tubing, carpet rolls, and furniture. There are no aisle frames on these racks. Cantilever rack can vary in sizes and gauges to meet your heaviest load requirements. Systems are available in single-sided and double-sided applications and can be customized with various arm accessories.


Used Carton Flow Racks

We stock used and new carton flow racks. These racks allow you to make better use of the space you have by cutting labor cost and storing more product in less space. Shelves have a sturdy and low profile front rail for the maximum pick window available. We can design these rack systems to fit your specific space and product requirement.


Used Carts and Hand Trucks

We stock used and new service carts, hand trucks and platform trucks with a large selection of sizes and styles to choose from. We have steel hand trucks for heavy duty needs as well as aluminum models for light weight use. Choose from a diverse selection of utility carts, which come in a variety of styles including steel, foldable, and hardwood deck.


Used Conveyors

We stock used and new conveyor models. Gravity roller conveyors use gravity as a power source and are great in warehouse and fabrication facilities. Maintain the flow of goods easily for loading and unloading trucks. Additionally we have gravity skate wheel flexible conveyors, which expand, contract, flex and move.


Used Lift Tables & Work Positioners

We stock used and new models. Our scissor tables are fully adjustable, self-leveling, and weight sensitive work positioners. Improve efficiency and prevent injury by managing the work load at a good height. Lift tables also help reduce worker strain by lifting the load to eliminate unnecessary lifting and stretching.


Used Lockers & Cabinets

We stock used and new metal storage cabinets, flammable storage cabinets and lockers. Steel metal storage cabinets are ideal for storing supplies, and can be used with plastic bins for storage of valuable tools, inventory, and parts. We also carry a variety of steel lockers to ensure you get the right fit for your warehouse or office facility. All of our lockers are constructed form durable steel with welded doors and frames, which provides a rigid, one-piece structure.


Used Mezzanines

We stock both freestanding and rack / shelving models. Freestanding systems allow you to optimize your available space with a light-weight and strong steel structure. Rack, or shelving, systems is a multi-level system to drastically increase storage by building up instead of out. We can customize a mezzanine to fit your needs or even to add to your existing structure.


Used Pallet Jacks

We stock used and new Pallet Jacks that allow you to transport materials easily throughout your warehouse or stocking facility.


Used Pallet Racking

We stock a variety of used and new Pallet Racking. Drive-In Racks allow a large increase in pallet racking storage for warehouse that need the density and have many products. They are mainly used for cooler and freezer warehouses. Push Back Racks are best utilized to gain additional storage for pallet inventory in your warehouse, and can store from 1 to 6 pallets in depth. We will help you determine the best solution for your needs.


Used Steel Rolling Ladders

We stock used and new steel rolling ladders. The rugged all-steel construction comes with sturdy hand rails, deep steps as well as a deep top platform for security. Request a model that fits your needs, from 2 to 15 steps.


Used Storage Bins

We have new and used storage and shelf bins, which help control inventories, shorten assembly times, and minimize parts handling. Our plastic bins are a sturdy one piece construction resistant to water, rust and corrosion.


Used Warehouse Shelving

We stock used and new steel industrial shelving in open and closed systems. Bulky and packaged items that need to be consistently stocked and retrieved are best stored in open shelving. We also offer used steel shelving for warehouses, as well as used wire shelving for commercial and home applications.


Used Wire Containers/Partitions

We stock used and new wire partitions and containers. Wire partitions are ideal for building secure enclosures, rack enclosures, server cages, evidence storage and more. Enclose existing pallet racks with standard panels and gates. Full line of hinged, sliding and vertical rise gates are available. Wire containers provide great visibility of contents, easy inventory control, and they keep away dust and dirt build up. They are easy to set up and fold flat to save space and shipping costs.


Used Workbenches

We’ll sell & fabricate any workbench you need. It will makes working while seated or standing easier! These benches can have Peg boards, drawers, and top and bottom shelves provide space for mounting, storing and accessing tools quickly. It’s ideal for any warehouse, shipping center, distribution center, garage, work shed or shop to store and organize tools as well as provide a comfortable work space for your projects, production and work.


Used Yard Ramps

We stock used yard ramps. Sometimes called mobile yard ramps and container ramps, these movable metal ramps are for loading and unloading shipping containers and vehicle trailers without the need of a permanent docking bay. A ramp is placed at the back of a vehicle to provide access for forklifts to go up the ramps quickly and safely into the container, truck or trailer.