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Industrial Conveyor Systems by QMH


Get your inventory where it needs to be with industrial conveyor systems from QMH, and save yourself time and energy while making the process safe and secure. Available for just about any industrial application, our conveyor systems can be configured to meet the needs of any job, while reducing labor and preventing injuries related to heavy lifting.

Gravity conveyor systems can be set up in a fabrication shop for easy assembly line movement from point A to point B. No longer will your workers have to transport products between stations, loading and unloading from carts. Let gravity do the work with these rolling conveyors and let your staff get back to doing what they do best!

Advantages of Conveyor Systems

  • All steel construction for maximum strength and durability
  • Load and unload quickly and easily
  • Transport equipment between stations effortlessly
  • Minimize physical labor that could cause staff injuries
  • Manage employee time and resources more efficiently
  • Fully customizable to fit the needs of your facility

Any shop, warehouse or retail location can use the ease of industrial conveyor systems at their loading and unloading zones. Whether your deliveries and outgoing shipments are arriving at a formal loading dock or simply the back door, rolling conveyors allow you to load and unload quickly and easily, allowing your staff to spend less time on shipping and more time working in the shop.

Our Gravity Skate Wheel Flexible Conveyor provides even more customization with a frame that allows the rolling conveyor to flex, expand, contract and move to meet the space and delivery needs your require. Whether you’re working in manufacturing, assembly, retail, distribution or processing facilities, these gravity conveyor systems can be manufactured to handle various volume needs. And their all-steel construction adds unmatched strength and integrity to these industrial conveyor systems.