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Warehouse & Office Storage Cabinets


Warehouse and office storage cabinets are ideal for use in schools, facilities, offices, or laboratories to store supplies. These cabinets can be used with plastic bins for storage of valuable tools, inventory, and parts. Doors are piano hinges and have dual handles, and one locks with 2 keys. QMH warehouse storage cabinets are made with all-welded steel. Contact our experts today to find the right cabinet for your needs.

Advantages of Warehouse Storage Cabinets

  • Perfect for storage of valuables, tools, inventory and parts
  • Made with all-welded steel
  • Lockable with 2 access keys
  • Flammable warehouse storage cabinets meet OSHA & NFPA requirements

QMH also carries flammable cabinets for facilities that need greater protection. Flammable cabinets need to meet NFPA Code #30 and must be OSHA compliant. Our flammable office cabinets meet those standards, featuring a double-wall 18 gauge welded steel construction. All cabinets have air space to prevent buildup of explosive gasses. The cabinet handle includes a 3-point lock to secure the contents and it is clearly labeled “Flammable Keep Fire Away” in three languages.

Contact the QMH team today to discuss the right storage cabinets for your facility.