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Wire Partitions

Wire Partitions & Security Cages

QMH can design a secure storage solution for your valuable items by customizing an industrial welded wire partition or security cage for your facility. Our industrial wire partitions and security cages can be designed to fit in or around any desired area of your warehouse. All wire partitions are made in the USA, and built to your unique specifications.

QMH’s warehouse wire partitions and security cages provide increased security, safety, and protection while increasing access control. Partitions can also be built around existing pallet racks to ensure inventory security.

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EZ Wire Partitions & Security Cages

EZ Wire partitions feature a unique patented hook fastener, making installation up to four times faster than standard bolted systems.

wire partitions

EZ Wire partitions and security cages are easy to install, rearrange and expand – suitable for plant and warehouse areas as well as other commercial, industrial and institutional applications. These wire partitions are the best value in the industry, available in various sizes, styles and options.

Safety & Security
The patented hook fastener slips in easily and locks securely into a 2.5” square post. Once secured, the internal clip is much more secure than a standard bolted connection, which may be accessed from the outside. The hook fastener is not visible or accessible from the outside. The diamond wire weave provides a built-in diagonal brace for added strength and security.


EZ Wire Windows

All windows have padlock hasps
to provide additional security. Service windows are installed at Husky’s factory.

Slide Up Window
Constructed of wire mesh with an opening measuring 24” wide x 21” high. The window is equipped with slide bolts which can latch the window in either the opened or closed position. The fixed steel shelf measures 24” wide x 12” deep.

Drop Shelf Window
Opening measures 24” wide x 15” high. The window is hinged at the bottom and swings up to close.

Advantages of EZ Wire Partitions

  • Quick and easy installation
  • No nuts and bolts required
  • Patented hook & pin design – slips in easily and locks securely in place
  • Smooth finish
  • Modular design for easy rearranging or expansion


Patented Hook Design
Slips in easily and locks into place securely. Aluminum drive pin is tapped into place for permanent installation, which can be accessed from the inside only.

Diamond Wire Weave
1-1/ 2 inch diamond wire weave is standard in each EZ Wire partition, door and window. Diagonal bracing is not needed.

Clinched Wire
All woven wire is clinched – not welded – into partition frames. This technique insures greater strength and enhanced appearance.

2-1/2” Tubular Posts
14 gauge 2-1/ 2” square tubular posts yield double the strength of 2” square tubing.

Perimeter support members are attached to the partition using self-threading screws. Ceiling panels are attached without bolts. 2-1/ 2” tubing is attached between rows of ceiling panels.

Corner Post
EZ Wire corner posts create smooth, 900 turns in partitioning. Partitions attach to the inside for added security.

“C” Type Frame Bars
Both sides of these frame bars have a smooth finish with no rough, unsightly welds. Hook fastener is not visible nor accessible from the outside.

Over Channel
Used to securely seat together upper panels to lower panels – eliminating the need for bolting horizontally.

Door Options

EZ Wire Swing Doors

Single Swing Door
Available in widths of 3 and 4 feet with a height of 7 feet. If installed in a partition higher than 7 feet, a transom panel is included to fill the space above the door. Doors are reversible, and may be installed either left or right handed and may swing in or out.

Double Swing Door
Designed for opening widths of 6, 8 or 10 feet, with heights of 7, 8, 9 and 10 feet.

Hinged Dutch Door
Available in widths of 3 or 4 feet with a height of 7 feet. If installed in a partition higher than 7 feet, a transom panel is included to fill the space above the door. Top and bottom sections are hinged separately. Door sections lock together for single door operation.

EZ Wire Sliding Doors

Sometimes a sliding door is necessary instead of a swinging door. EZ Wire Partitions can be equipped with sliding doors which can slide either left or right and may be mounted either inside or outside of the partitioning.

Single Sliding Door
Full height single sliding doors are available for the full height of stock
partitions. Doors 6 feet or wider are shipped “knocked down” in 2

Double Sliding Doors
Full height double sliding doors are designed to accommodate widths from 6 to 10 feet, with overhead clearance up to partition height of 10 feet. Consult Husky Rack & Wire for special applications.

EZ Wire Machine Guarding

Machinery in warehouses and factories can pose significant hazards to employees, with moving machine parts able to cause serious injuries such as burns, crushed hands and fingers, amputations, eye injuries or worse. With machine guarding from QMH, you can maximize the safety of your workforce while ensuring that your facility is OSHA compliant.

This machine guarding features a patented hook design with fasteners that easily slip in and lock securely into 2″ x 2″ square posts. This makes rearranging or expanding enclosures extremely easy without the need for skilled personnel. The wire mesh is made of 8-gauge welded wire for strength and durability, and features a sweep space of 6 inches. Available in various sizes, styles and options, our machine guarding is the best value in the industry.

Non-Progressive Panels: This design allows you to access an individual panel and replace it without disturbing adjacent panels.

Posts: We offer 4 post styles – swing door post, tunnel door post, line/corner post and adjustable corner post.

Doors: The swing doors from Quick Ship are available in 6 and 8 foot heights with 3 and 4 foot widths. The sliding tunnel door is available in 6 and 8 foot heights and 3, 4 and 5 foot widths.

Rugged Posts – Superior Strength and Durability
2 1/2” post, 3/8” foot plate and 1/2” x 3 1/4” anchor equates to the greatest strength and stability available in the market.

Easily Modify Panels in the Field
Unframed wire mesh panels offer flexibility to easily customize in the field. Fluting within the panels ensures impressive strength without the cumbersome weight or framed panels.

Remove Individual Panels without Taking Down the Run
Non-progressive panels make it easy to access to any given area from the outside.

Be in Full Compliance with Safety Standards
Machine guarding meets standards for OSHA, ANSI/RIA CS Z434 and ISO 14120:2015.

Advantages of Machine Guarding

  • Installs 4x faster than other machine guarding systems
  • Non-progressive panels
  • Fast release carriage bolts for easy access
  • Simple, on site modifications
  • High visibility system
  • Installs from outside the cell for safe access.

Fastest Assembly in the Industry!

  • Patented hook fastener quickly slides into slot
  • Attached chalice bolt locks panel securely into place
  • Reduces installation time

Other Applications

Data Cages

Data cages are wire partitions made for server rooms. They are specialized security systems for network and server equipment, and can also be used as divided space for organizing, while keeping your valuable equipment safe and secure. With custom configurations and sizes available, we can help you design a data cage that will provide the best solution for keeping your server(s) and other technological equipment secure.


Tool Cribs

Tool cribs are most commonly used in maintenance departments for secure storage of tools and supplies. Optional service windows are popular in these kinds of wire cages to allow for simplified movement of materials coming in and out of the security cage.


Storage Cages

Storage cages are designed for storing equipment or personal belongings within your facility. Solid wire mesh keeps items from getting dented or damaged and simplifies the search process since you can directly see what’s inside.


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