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Posted by Stephanie on September 9, 2016

Maneuvering materials around the warehouse can be quite a challenge sometimes. Trying to manually carry heavy materials yourself not only takes longer, but greatly increases the chances of employee injury. It’s important to have the right warehouse material handling equipment to simplify the process of handling and transporting materials, ultimately streamlining warehouse operations. The following material handling equipment is essential in every warehouse for transporting heavy and/or oddly shaped materials with ease.

Essential Warehouse Material Handling Equipment


Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are an essential part of a functioning warehouse, saving time by increasing inventory mobility and minimizing injuries for your employees.  As one of the most important and popular pieces of equipment for warehouse material handling, hand trucks and dollies are the ultimate warehouse accessory.  One of the many benefits of hand trucks is that they’re completely portable—you can bring them with you without occupying a lot of space. Hand trucks make it easy to move heavy or oddly shape items with ease, even up and down stairs and through tight spaces when needed. This reliable and versatile product is easy to maneuver and require minimal storage space.

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Warehouse Carts

Warehouse carts have been found to improve pick rate productivity from anywhere between 40-200% (pickcarts.com). The tedious task of transporting small parts and heavy equipment is accomplished quickly and easily on a warehouse cart. Warehouse carts come in a variety of styles including heavy duty steel platform carts and shelf carts, wire mesh carts, and durable plastic service carts. These lightweight carts glide smoothly on 5-inch rubber wheels, and are able to carry up to 600 lbs. around your warehouse.


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Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks (also called “hand pallet trucks”) are designed to move pallets in and around your warehouse facility – ideal for use inside trucks and on loading docks. As a cost effective alternative to forklifts, pallet jacks are safe to use, easy to operate, and minimize injury from having to lift or push heavy pallets. They have a load capacity of up to 5,500 lbs. The handle control allows you to raise and lower the load without causing strain on your back.

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Rolling platform ladders are perfect for navigating large warehouses and reaching materials by hand on tall shelving systems. Their rugged steel construction makes them sturdy and more resistant to damage. Platform ladders allow you to access inventory safely and securely on the built-in stable work surface on the ladder. Heavy duty wheels make it easy to move around your warehouse, and locks prevent the ladder from moving around while you’re using it to provide optimal safety.


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