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Posted by Stephanie on December 8, 2016

Do you have questions about Warehouse Pallet Racking? We have answers. With over 25 years of experience in the material handling industry, we have become pallet racking experts. Whether you have a question about permits, load capacities, or rack safety, we are here to provide you with answers to help you become better informed about warehouse racking.  Below is important information regarding frequently asked warehouse pallet racking questions.

Warehouse Pallet Racking FAQ’s


Do I Need Permits?

According to the 2014 California Building Code (CBC), you are required to obtain a permit if the racking material is above 5’9”. Permit requirements vary based on your location and the commodity you plan on storing.


Why Do My Racks Need to be Anchored?

The Rack Manufacturers’ Institute requires that racking be anchored to the floor. This applies to all racking frames, all of the time. If you’re unsure about what size anchor bolts to use, contact the manufacturer. If you’re in a seismic zone, the requirement may require more than the most standard ½” anchor bolt. Depending on the racks and your location, you may only need one anchor bolt per column, or you may need to use all 4 holes in the base. Your manufacturer should be well informed on requirements and can make sure your racks are anchored to meet city codes. Anchors help keep the racks in place, guaranteeing pallet racking reliability and durability, providing safety in your warehouse.


Can I Tie My Racks to the Wall of my Building?

You need an engineer to ensure that the forces transferred from the racking to the wall, as well as the wall to the racking, will not damage the racking or building structure.


What is a Uniformly Distributed Load?

A UDL is any evenly spread, static, load that is distributed over the whole surface of the deck.


What is a Concentrated Point Load?

A concentrated static load is not evenly distributed over the surface of the deck. A point load is a static load that is focused to different points of the deck. For instance, this could be a container with feet or bars that hold the weight, concentrated in a few different areas of the container.


How Often Should I Have My Racks Inspected?

It is recommended by MHI to have your racks inspected annually at minimum. Additionally, if at any point your racking system becomes damaged by a forklift or other warehouse equipment, we recommend having your racks inspected and replacing the damaged piece. Safety should be the priority in your warehouse.


Do I Need Column Guards?

It’s highly recommended to install column guards to protect your uprights, especially if you have a lot of forklift traffic around your warehouse. You have already invested in your pallet racking system—make your investment worthwhile and protect your pallet racking. Column guards could save you thousands worth of potential damage in the long run.


We’re Moving Warehouses. Can We Bring Our Racks with Us?

Yes, we will help you relocate! If your racking system is still in good condition, bringing it along with you to your new building can save you a lot of money. QMH can help you tear down, relocate, and re-install your racking system in your new facility.

Our Relocation services consist of:

  • Tear down system
  • Cut and grind off all existing anchor bolts
  • Bundle and steel strap all materials for efficient transport to new facility
  • Re-install materials to comply with local city codes


Have another question?

If you have another question about pallet racking or any other warehouse equipment or services, call today to speak with one of our material handling experts.


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