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Industrial Catwalk Mezzanines

Industrial Catwalk Mezzanines Maximize Space

industrial catwalk mezzaninesIndustrial mezzanines are a great way to maximize the utilization of space in your facility, and can help you double your facility’s capacity overnight without the need for new construction. When you opt for a catwalk mezzanine or extra high shelving in your warehouse, you may need to create a new walkway in order to access these areas. Warehouse catwalks are the perfect solution for getting around your warehouse facility without disrupting ongoing operations on the warehouse floor. QMH offers fully customizable industrial catwalks that make more of your facility easily accessible and safer to navigate.

Advantages of Industrial Catwalks

  • Affordable warehouse storage solution
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Fully customizable to match your facility
  • Perfect for small parts storage

How Industrial Catwalk Mezzanines Work

Industrial catwalk mezzanines feature high-rise racking or shelving with decking placed in the aisles. One requirements of this warehouse mezzanine is that shelving be the same on all levels,  however catwalk mezzanines are less expensive to construct compared to alternative mezzanine solutions. Some popular applications for industrial catwalk mezzanines include storage for small automotive parts, sheet metal, pipes and exhausts, tools, samples, archives, or any common-sized items.