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Pallet Rack Platforms

Pallet Rack Platforms for Multi-Level Storage

pallet rack platforms

Pallet rack platforms create mezzanines incorporated with a pallet racking system to provide usable storage space. This mezzanine system combines the storage of a pallet racking system with the platform of a mezzanine, and serves as a cost effective alternative to structural mezzanines.

Advantages of Pallet Rack Platforms

  • Better utilization of existing space
  • Economical and efficient
  • Fully customizable to match your facility
  • Save a lot of money on expansion/relocation

Pallet Rack Platform Applications

Pallet rack platform mezzanines are suitable for increasing storage space in the automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries, among others. Platform mezzanines are also commonly used for overhead office space, and can be used as a conference room, break room, or more workspace for employees. Expanding your office space without losing any storage has never been so easy!

Customize Your Platform Mezzanine

Pallet rack platform mezzanines are available with a variety of flooring options including open grating, diamond plating, wood, and more. Contact us to speak with a warehouse expert to learn more about pallet rack platform mezzanines and get a free quote!