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Carton Flow Racking Systems

First In, First Out Carton Flow Racking Systems

carton flow racking systems

When you need an industrial racking system that allows for First In, First Out (FIFO) inventory control, box/order picking while cutting labor costs 75%, and 100% of the product in half the space, carton flow racking systems can get the job done. These warehouse racking systems are designed to meet the needs of busy warehouses and shops, while remaining customizable for any size space. The unique design of carton flow racks make FIFO inventory a breeze.

Advantages of Carton Flow Racks

  • Available in a variety of sizes for a range of applications
  • Easy First-in, First-out (FIFO) inventory control
  • Reduces labor costs by up to 75%
  • Highly efficient space utilization
  • Perfect for warehouse facilities and retail stores

How Carton Flow Racks Work

Compared to static storage options in traditional warehouse racking, a carton flow rack can cut up to 75% of labor costs by allowing staff to simply restock behind the older product, pushing the older product to the front. The shelving is loaded by inserting the items from the back, which then gravitate downward on rolling wheels. Whether you own a retail store or industrial warehouse, carton flow rack systems are a great solution for anyone using FIFO inventory control or looking for an easier warehouse racking system.

For more info on how carton flow racking systems by QMH can help your business, contact one of our warehouse racking experts today. With space-saving carton flow racking, your warehouse or shop will become more efficient and effective in no time. Clean up your shop and improve work flow today with a carton flow rack, available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any retail space or warehouse.

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