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Push Back Racking Systems

Push Back Racking Systems for Warehouses

Push Back Racking Systems

When you start running out of space in your warehouse facility or lack organization, it isn’t necessarily time to move. A different, more efficient layout and storage system can sometimes be all you need to whip your facility back into shape! Push Back Racking Systems are great for getting the most out of your square footage. A Push Back Pallet Rack is a high density, gravity propelled multi-product storage solution that combines selectivity with a maintenance-free design, offering a safe and easy alternative to Drive-In Racks. Push-Back Racks, also known as Gravity Pallet Racks, allow pallets to be stored up to five levels deep thanks to their versatile nesting carriages.

Advantages of Push Back Racking

  • Efficient use of space with minimal limitations when accessing products
  • Provides the perfect combination of selectivity and storage density
  • Interlocking carts help prevent dangerous jamming and product damage
  • Years of maintenance free operation thanks to solid construction
  • LIFO inventory control

How Push-Back Racks Work

Upon loading, each pallet is placed on a free-rolling carriage which gets “pushed back” into the racking system when additional pallets are loaded. When you unload a pallet, gravity moves the pallets forward to the aisle on the telescoping carriages. This functionality provides an easy access point, much like selective pallet racks, to remove pallets instead of maneuvering through a Drive-In Racking System.

Push-Back Racking Systems by QMH offer a variety of options and configurations to allow for the perfect design depending on the application. The structural cart construction maintains cleanliness, and the debris-free design is perfect for food storage. Available in two-, three-, four-, and five-deep pallet designs with various accessory options, Push-Back Racking can be customized and is highly versatile.