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Structural Pallet Racks

Structural Pallet Racking Systems for Heavy Duty Storage

Structural pallet racking systems are manufactured from heavy-duty hot-rolled structural steel channels, and built to handle higher weight capacities and oppression than most other pallet racking systems. In structural racks, uprights and beams are bolted together to provide a heavy-duty support system capable of enduring rigorous wear and tear in some of the toughest environments.

Structural pallet racks are most commonly used for Push-Back Rack, Pallet Flow Rack, Drop Pallet Rack and Drive-In Rack systems. Another great benefit of structural racks is that they are designed to resist forklift impacts with minimal damage while taking on heavier loads. Because of this, structural pallet racks are often useful in high-traffic distribution centers.

Heavy Duty
Damage Resistant
Higher Capacities
Bolted Connections
Low Maintenance
1″ Adjustments for Beam Clips
Weighs more
Higher material costs
Higher installation costs

Industry Applications of Structural Pallet Racks

Because structural pallet racks can withstand harsh environments, they are a popular racking solution for coolers, freezers, distribution facilities and outdoor. The powder coat finish allows structural racks to be more resistant to corrosion. With an open back and ability to maintain durability in cold environments, the structural pallet rack stays debris-free, making it ideal for the food and distribution industries.

The Food Industry

Proper food storage is essential to the quality and safety of your product, as is improved efficiency to maximizing profits. Within this industry one of the most important aspects of storage is temperature. Whether you’re keeping products cool in a fridge or frozen in the freezer, being able to store food at exact temperatures is necessary for keeping products fresh. Structural pallet racking systems are constructed to withstand extreme temperatures, and as a result many companies in the food industry have found this pallet racking to be ideal for food storage.