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Heavy Duty Archive Shelving

Archive Shelving Solutions

archive shelving
Archive shelving is a great storage solution for your office or facility, perfect for storing old records, receipts, and documents. Archive storage is most commonly used in doctors’ offices for easy storage and access to patient records, as well as businesses that need to keep old documents clean and organized for easy access. Archive shelving features an open front and back, making it easily accessible from either side. Your documents will be organized, stored efficiently, and remain clean with archive shelving.

Advantages of Archive Shelving

  • Made with strong, boltless steel components
  • 5/8″ particle board decking comes standard – wire decking option available
  • Open design allows quick and easy access to archives
  • Shelf height adjustable in 1.5″ increments
  • Perfect for storing old records, receipts, and documents in your office

Effective Design

Archive shelving is constructed with boltless steel components and your choice of shelf deck material, either 5/8” particle board laminated shelving or metal shelf with wire decking. The particle board option is the most cost effective solution and comes standard with all archive storage shelves. However, wire decking has the added benefits of increased air circulation and easy cleaning of dust and debris. It is sometimes preferred over particle board because it provides better exposure to overhead sprinklers in the event of a fire. Shelf height is adjustable in 1.5 inch increments, allowing you to configure your custom shelving needs and provide the best combination of strong support and customization.