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Posted by Stephanie on August 19, 2016

A Wire Mesh Partition is composed of wire mesh panels that can be designed around an existing space or create an enclosure inside of a room to secure materials. One of their most common uses is to store servers and other computer-related equipment, in which the wire partitions are often referred to as “data center cages.” Data cages offer many benefits that other storage security systems do not. Learn why wire partitions are the best solution to keeping your data safe and secure!

Wire Mesh Partition: Safe Storage for Computer Machinery

Wire partitions are useful in a variety ways for storing materials at collocation facilities, data centers, telephone providers, and broadband networks. They house many different types of machinery including robotics, tools, data servers, and other computer equipment. Storing valuable network and server equipment in a wire mesh partition allows for ventilation to avoid the dangers of overheating. Additionally, the design of the wire partition creates a well-lit storage area. The wire mesh is sustainable and durable to prevent damage to any of your secured equipment. If needed, wire partitions can also be subdivided by adding panels and used as a space for organizing or categorizing your equipment.

Avoid Unauthorized Access

Data center cages are designed for indoor use, and often are located in university campuses and large corporate offices. Wire partitions are locked and fully secured to ensure the safety of servers and other network equipment in your location. No one can access anything inside the cage without a key or code, so there’s no need to worry about anyone accessing unauthorized equipment. This allows companies to guarantee security for clients as well.

Custom Design Your Partition

Design a data center cage that’s customized to store your specific server and network equipment. You have the flexibility of building around existing walls and barriers, as well as adding panels inside to divide your storage cage space. A wire mesh partition can be easily reconfigured if you ever need to change or reorganize your secured storage area.

Features include:

  • Custom sizes & design
  • Sliding or swinging doors
  • Service windows
  • Variety of lock styles for preferred security

Need a Data Cage?

QMH offers customized welded wire partitions for your storage needs. All of our wire partitions are made to order in the USA, and to your unique specifications.  Call 800-404-7225 today to speak with an experienced professional about a wire partition solution we can provide for you.

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