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Posted by Clarissa Palomares on February 11, 2022

Wire mesh partitions provide your stored goods with optimal safety, security, protection, and access control. Otherwise known as storage cages or rack enclosures, wire mesh partitions are made of all welded steel and establish an enclosed cube-shaped area of space that is secure and protected. Security and protection is maximized by bolting the structure to the existing floor. Partitions are made with a wire mesh design that allows visibility of the inside to help stay organized and find things inside easily. With endless options of customizable structures, locks, and doors, wire partitions are perfect for a wide variety of applications and capable of fitting your specific need.

Customization of Wire Mesh Partitions

Shape & Size:

Create a small storage room, or secure large sections of your warehouse! Wire partitions can be practical for almost any size space. You have the option of using existing walls and designing a partition with only 2 or 3 sides, or using all 4 in an open space. The multi-panel design makes it easy to construct your partition to the exact specifications you need and, with optional roofing, you can enclose your structure completely or use the height of the ceiling to complete your secure space.

Swinging or sliding doors:

Choosing the right kind of door for your partition can make a world of difference! If your partition is in a smaller or more narrow space, a sliding door acts as a great alternative to a standard swing door, simply sliding out of the way without occupying additional space.

Optional service windows:

Adding a service window to your partition can simplify the process of moving inventory in and out of the partition. Additionally, Service windows come with locks to ensure maximum safety when not in use.

Lock styles:

Decide what’s best for you! Whether it’s a knob, handle, or flush key lock, there are many different lock options to choose from to complete your wire partition.

Benefits of Wire Mesh

As opposed to regular fencing which can easily be bent, cut, or climbed, wire mesh has a strong and secure design that makes break-ins nearly impossible! Wire mesh utilizes your existing sprinkler system and lighting, making a wire partition a simple addition to your space. The open mesh prevents moisture build-up and protects from potential outside physical damages.

Quality and Versatility

As a cheaper and more secure alternative to indoor fencing, wire mesh partitions are cost effective and quick and easy to install. They provide security and protection in businesses for a many purposes, including stock rooms, data centers, post offices, banks, hospitals, aerospace industries, prisons, and more. Truly one of the most versatile products, wire partitions are fully customizable for any application!

We at QMH are proud of the fact that we manufacture wire mesh partitions in-house, providing customers with very competitive prices, a variety of options for full customization of wire partitions for specific needs, and the premium quality they have come to expect from Quality Material Handling.

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