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Posted by Stephanie on April 28, 2016

The packaging industry in North America is valued at nearly $170 billion, and expected to grow to over $185 billion by the year 2017. As a large and expanding industry, packaging companies are always looking for ways to be better than their competitors and maximize the efficiency of their warehouse procedures. This all starts with their packaging processes. In order to be the best, they need to maximize product flow, productivity, speed, and organization. Something that can make or break their business procedures is having the right equipment—in this case, work benches. Work benches, also called packing tables, play a key role in this industry, and having the right one can make or break your business in the packaging industry.

Benefits of Work Benches

Workbenches are versatile and designed for a wide variety of uses, one of the most popular being used as “packing tables” in the packaging industry. Packing tables stay clean and organized. Organization helps maximize packing speed to simplify the packing process and ultimately ship products faster. Packing tables increase product flow and productivity simplify your packaging processes and allow for maximum efficiency. Lastly, packing tables provide increased storage in a smaller space. Save room in your warehouse by utilizing a packing table as a place to store materials. With customizable shelves, drawers, and configurations and make it easy store and organize more materials.

Work Bench Styles & Usesboltless-workbench-bottomshelf

Workbenches don’t just have a key role in the packaging industry, but many other types of industries as well. As a customizable and multi-purpose product, this versatile bench can benefit your company’s productivity and organization.


Steel and Laminate Top Work Benches

Their main purpose is to be strong and durable. These benches are very customizable, with optional add-on components such as stack-able drawers, risers, lower shelves, and back stops! Material choices include steel, laminate, solid laminate maple, table top, and sealed compressed wood.


Electronic and Modular Work Benches

This style is created for lab or technical settings. These benches have optional customized cabinets, drawers, adjustable shelving, mechanical and electrical components, and fluorescent task lighting. Desk top material choices include standard and ESD laminates, stainless steel, and maple block.


Foreman Shop Desks

This industrial style of work bench is often used in industrial workplace, schools, and businesses. With both open and closed styles, these decks allow for a strong writing surface and high storage capacities.


Economic Boltless Workbenches

This style of work benches is durable and an economical choice. With a variety of sizes and capacities to choose from, custom design your workbench to accommodate your warehouse or garage needs. Whether you want to fill your warehouse with work bench stations or keep and organized work space in your garage, economic boltless work benches are simple and versatile. Customization options for this style include full size bottom shelves, riser shelves, and bin rails, with laminate or wood table tops.


Our goal is to provide the best solution to your industrial needs. Whether you need packing tables, scientific and technical benches, or solid shop desks, we can custom build for your warehouse. Call us today to speak with an expert on what would the best work bench for you today!


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